Know these rules to develop an Android app

Smartphones are everywhere and more & more companies are looking forward to get to their potential clients through Smartphone interaction. Market is full of app development and the biggest share of mobile industry is enjoyed by iPhone & Android. iPhone is a lovely product whereas Android is user-friendly and an open platform. When it comes to app development, Android is easier to get started. However, every Android app development company USA agrees on following the below rules for android app development; Reserving name space is essential In order to get uniquely identified amongst the thousands of apps available in market, you need to declare the package name in your manifest. It is therefore essential to get the name reserved before you are planning to release an application.   Consider your users When it comes to developing an Android app, it is important to listen to your users and their expectations. You need to incorporate features demanded by your target audience so that your app stays useful for your audience. Use Android’s platform patterns Make sure you go for developing an application different and unique from others. You must not incorporate features which are unique but difficult to use because users tend to download apps which are user-friendly and does not require any technical assistance to use. Make sure you know well the existing habits of your target audience in terms of apps so that you can develop what they expect from you. However, above rules must not avoided whether you develop your app on your own or take assistance from android app development company USA.